About us

It started off as an idea. An idea to create stories and enhance reading to support under-resourced youth and children. Our drive in creating stories came about after our work in one small village in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. It started out from teaching in local schools to organizing community outreach events focusing on marine conservation awareness including coral reefs, plastic pollution, mangroves and much more.

One day, in one of our usual lessons, we asked the students "what are corals?" 
- Is it an animal? A stone? Or a plant? 
- A stone! The kids answered. A plant! Some said.

That triggered us. Many of these kids hadn’t had the chance to experience life under the sea, nor did they know what lived there. From then on we dedicated our work towards the beauty and importance of underwater life to help understand the necessity of protection for these coastal resources for the survival of the future generations.

We are friends who became ocean storytellers.

Camille Rivera, Marine Conservationist, Educator and Co-Founder of
Oceanus Conservation
Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules, Underwater Photographer,
Scuba Instructor, and Founder of
Coral Reef Beauty

More about our organizations:

Oceanus Conservation

Our goal is to protect and conserve blue carbon ecosystems and contribute to the conservation, education, and community development of the Filipino people.

Coral Reef Beauty

An underwater photography website highlighting the beauty and the importance of coral reefs through the lens.

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