In celebration for this year’s Earth Day, TAYO Youth Organization organized a one-day event aiming to teach youth the importance of mangrove forests through the support of Oceanus Conservation and Youth Ocean Conservation Summit (YOCS) microgrant.

The whole event was filled with fun activities, mind boggling games, and clear lectures with TAYO Youth Organization held at Barangay Basak, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. Kicking off with the day long event is the registration period and getting to know the participants for this day — the fellow youth from Barangay Basak and neighboring Barangay with a total of 13 participants.

The main activity of this whole celebration is the book reading event about Mangrove Forests of the Philippines, written by Ana Rita Silva, Pedro Moreira, Marta Reis Melo, Teresa Santos and the very supportive ate of TAYO Youth Organization Camille Rivera entitled “There Are Cities Underwater: The Mangrove Forests of the Philippines.” This book talks about a very curious and adventurous main character, Hippo – a seahorse, in which Hippo explores the beauty of the Ocean and learned a lot of things just like Ocean Currents, Whale Sharks, Remoras, Zebra Shark, Fiddler Crab, Mudskipper, juvenile fish, and most importantly, the Mangrove Forest.

Every day is Earth Day if we all start doing simple steps in taking care of our mother nature.

Julienne Cafino

There were also supplementary lectures and discussions regarding mangrove as a tree, the benefits of its roots and branches, its species and where they are most commonly found, the order of planting each species depending on the geographic location and other factors, its big role for the ecosystem such as the mangrove food web, and would bring us to the mangrove threats.

The call for help in protecting the mangrove ecosystem was also highlighted during the discussion and suggested things everyone can potentially do about.

Every day is Earth Day if we all start doing simple steps in taking care of our mother nature. Here are the things you can do as well:

  • Pick up the trash you see.
  • Bring your own tumbler to avoid buying plastic bottles.
  • Reuse your bags for groceries or what you need to buy outside.
  • Plant a mangrove and support local associations.
  • Reduce your impact by emitting less carbon emissions and doing the switch to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Also, you can encourage and teach others in your own little ways.

We can educate and create a difference. By protecting trees, and the environment as a whole, you are protecting your family, your food, your health, and your wealth.

Once again, Happy Earth Day 2021 from TAYO Youth Organization and allied groups. May our land heal and flourish.

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