The Youth Ocean Conservation Summit started back in 2011 at Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida and they also have many satellite locations around US.

We attended their recent online Youth Ocean Conservation Summit in 2020 were it was all made virtual! Youth all over the world were able to join in the community of the next generation conservationists!

Throughout the event, most of us are super inspired by other people doing local action in their area but importantly, inspired by the global community of young conservation leaders. We learned so much about tools and funds needed to launch solutions-oriented projects in our community as well.

Thank you to the organizers of the YOCS and to everyone who made it possible. After the event, they put together a mini-grant ($200) in which we applied for to continue our #oceanliteracy4all project and guess what? We got it!

Tayo* Youth Club in Negros Oriental

Together with the Tayo*, a youth group based in Zamboanguita , Negros Oriental, we will be doing another storytelling event with another group of kids to raise awareness of the coral reef in the area! Negros Oriental is known for its lush, and diverse marine life where it’s known to be one of the divers playground! But we need to engage youth and learn to appreciate our marine life in order to protect and continue its beauty.

*Tayo youth club, formerly known as Blue Warriors, came together and invited more people to join them in their environmental advocacy. “Tayo” is a Tagalog language meaning “Us”, because it is within us to create the change we want to make in this world.

The Youth Ocean Conservation Summit empowers young conservation leaders with the knowledge, tools, and funds to drive solutions oriented ocean conservation projects. To find out more visit: or check out there inspirational video here.

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